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By Quindor on Monday 14 March 2011 23:40 - Comments (17)
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While I hate to rant about logitech, I really feel I have to right now.

This is a bad and good story. The good I can be quite quick about. I have a Logitech illuminated keyboard of which a key broke off. I emailed Logitech asking them if I could receive a spare key and they sent me a whole new keyboard free of charge! Excellent excellent service!

But while I was 'without' a good keyboard I decided to invest in a nice small Logitech K340 keyboard. As I am situated in my living room, space is of an issue. I use a laptop table for my keyboard and mouse. So I bought the smaller K340 wireless keyboard and M510 wireless mouse would make a good combo. These together would give me more space on the little table. Also, I haven’t tried wireless tech for a few years because in the past it has always left me disappointed,

Well, the wireless tech does not disappoint. When the receiver is close enough (within a meter or so) it is really good and I’m hard pressed to tell the difference with a wired keyboard and mouse. Very very happy with it. The keyboard types great, it’s nice and compact. The software is finally good, very Spartan, doesn’t act weird or change things you don’t want. Great…

But then I started realizing something weird. While playing some games, I noticed that certain key combinations where not possible! Causing some weird reactions you would not expect.

After some testing, it turns out that the keyboard has some weird limitations you would not expect of such a product. Often used gaming keys include a quadrant called WASD. These keys are often used for movement and are also often combined with either the shift key or the spacebar.

As it turns out, this keyboards design prohibits you from doing this. W+D+Space does not respond at all. Checking this with a keyboard checking tool called “keyscan 0.9” it turns out that this indeed is not working. Even more strange is to find out that W+A+Space does work! Moving your hands one key to the right going to a quadrant of ESDF, it turns out all the combinations are working just fine. You can even hit 7 keys at the same time, and they all register just fine. So, Shift+E+S+D+F+Space works, but W+D+Space does not. Even S+D+Space works.

It turns out that there have been a few topics about this already and that it’s a hardware limitation that Logitech has put in their products. They say unintentionally, but I can’t really believe that. You would have to have the most incompetent keyboard matrix designer in the whole world to make this mistake in a keyboard. Even a budget keyboard of 8$ dollar does this just fine and then this keyboard of 60$ does not? There is just no forgiving this.

And I am really bothered by it, because on every other front this keyboard is a big win…. I mean 3 years battery life on a pair of AA batteries! Just that little ‘mistake’ makes it completely unusable for me.

Why they would choose to ruin such a great product with such a limitation is completely beyond me. I was not warned before buying it, so I’m stuck with it. I’ll use it as a server keyboard or something, because beyond that, it just won’t do. Even playing simplistic flash games now and then, it might block.

So everyone, a fair warning: When buying Logitech products, don’t assume you’re buying something well thought out anymore. Check the internet and the forums to see if they made some horrible design mistakes with it, and look further.

And Logitech. If your reading this, please fix your broken hardware and contact me for a replacement model. When you do so, I will edit this post to reflect just that.

My experience with your support and warranty has been superb up till now, so please, surprise me again with great service and offer this to everyone whom bought your broken product. If you can’t fix it that way. Please, put up a warning which keyboard will and will not function correctly, and don’t respond with that this isn’t a “gamers line” keyboard.